The battle for inclusion heats up

While our progress with the Mozilla Foundation is currently (and has always been for that matter) been in go slow mode we have been making progress on other fronts. Of late a number of distributions have either included us (such as Knoppix) or are putting considerable thought into including us (such as Ubuntu), with Debian the latest distribution to include us.

While this may not seem like much to the nay sayers (I still get told no one will ever use CAcert because it’s not included, which I think is strange), it shows that we are getting more widely accepted and more to the point, gaining credability.

2 thoughts on “The battle for inclusion heats up

  1. darkfader

    “(I still get told no one will ever use CAcert because it’s not included, which I think is strange)” – some people just *want* to be right, and the easiest way for them is saying that nothing will improve and then themselves block any attempt of improving things.

    Ask some IPv6 adaptors – they’ve been hearing the same stupid reasoning for some years now. Usually the nay-sayers are stronger, but if You just keep going and ignore them where You don’t need them, You’ll be much better.
    Sure, the browser inclusion is a somewhat critical issue, but I’ve simply included the CACert root certificate on virtually every computer I’ve come across. statistic says *some* day, I’ll just put it on *some* browser developers box :>

    without kidding, I think the critical mass will be reached when maybe 10% of all self-signed certificates are signed here, so that the web surfers will actually be used to Your name. The mozilla and IE developers are included in that group, so as soon as they’re bothered enough themselves, they will do what they won’t do for either reasoning or good will.

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