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Andrew Barnes (and possibly one other assurer) will be assuring people at the “School House Hotel” ( following the monthly Sage-IE meeting. This will be held on Tuesday evening, 10th May 2005 starting at approximately 20:30 until around 22:00

Sufficient points can be allocated to automatically entitle you to become an assurer yourself!

Some of you may remember a thread a few weeks ago that included references to CAcert as an alternative provider of SSL Certificates (see site for full list of benefits). It was mentioned in this email that Sam Johnston and “one other” would soon be able to act as Web Of Trust (WOT) Assurers for CAcert. Well… I’m the “+1”!

After being both assured by a “WOT” assurer, as well as undergoing Trusted Third Party assurance, I am now a registered assurer here in Ireland too.

Now – between Sam and myself, we will be able to allocate enough points to allow you to get 2-year certs, including adding personal details to certs. But… between us we wouldn’t normally have enough points to create new assurers. This is where the good people at CAcert have stepped in – they have granted Sam and myself additional points so that in our own right we can allocate sufficient points to get you the “uber-certs” you so clearly desire (!). With this increased allocation amount however, you are automatically entitled to become assurers in your own right! You can then move on and start assuring people and generally spreading the good news that is CAcert! “Seeding Ireland” is the term I’ve heard ;>

So – what do I intend to do about it? Following the Sage-IE meeting next Tuesday evening (10th May), I intend to offer my services as a CAcert assurer to those people who are interested. What do you need to do? The best answer is found at – but in a nutshell:

* Register yourself with CAcert –
* Bring with you both the originals, and a photocopy, of TWO forms of government-issued ID. At least one of these has to have a photo that matches your current appearance(!)
* Bring with you your National ID (see CAcert site for details)
* TWO copies of the WOT Assurance form for me to sign – https:// – I will have some blank copies with me, but may (or may not) run out

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me (details below), but a lot of your questions will, I hope, be covered on the CAcert web site

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