2005 Annual General Meeting

This is the official 30 days notice for the next AGM.

The next AGM will be held on the 3rd of July 2005 at 1PM GMT, it will be held via IRC again this year.

Conversions for local time:

11pm Sydney
9pm Perth
2pm London
9am New York
6am San Francisco

As of the other day invoices for membership payments were sent out to all current members, everyone wishing to vote and/or be nominated for a board position must be a financial member at the time of the AGM and we must receive payment on or before the 1st of July (local time) so that we can have time to prepare for the AGM.

So far the agenda only consists of a few items.

1) Financial Summary
2) Any pending membership forms to be voted on
3) Call for nominations of board positions and votes if needed

Please contact me ASAP if there should be any alterations to the agenda ASAP.

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