Desperately seeking people willing and able to help with translations

We are desperately seeking multilingual people for a number of reasons, firstly the site is mostly complete in 5 languages other then english and we’d really like to see the website completed in more languages since language is a real barrier for many parts of the world and breaking down this barrier is one of our key goals.

The other reason we are after people is to verify translations, some spelling mistakes and mistranslations on legal documents could be a very big problem in future so it’s important we have as many capable eyes verifying as much documentation as possible. With the verification step we possibly only need people giving feed back in their own language to those helping to translate the website/documents.

One of the big changes of late is being able to produce the CAP and TTP PDFs on the fly via php code, this means our existing translation infrastructure can be used to also translate and keep these documents all in sync, rather then requiring translators to produce and handle PDF files if any changes are made.

The translations of the TTP PDF is especially important to get right since it will be dealing with people most likely unfamiliar with CAcert and our practises and in the past people have been rejected because the documents weren’t translated into their countries official language or because the wording made some people uneasy about signing them.

For more information or if you can help out with any of these things PLEASE by all means don’t be shy and join the translation mailing list and let everyone know what you’re willing and able to help out with.

4 thoughts on “Desperately seeking people willing and able to help with translations

  1. rustyallen

    I have come accross this link

    I only understand English, ASM 360, ASM Z80, APL, SnowBall, MAD, c, pl/1, cobal, fortran, clist, jcl, perl, rexx, rsh, csh, sh, bash, javascript, smtp, esmtp, http, xslt, ospf, rip, sna, tcpip, and a few other languages. This google tool cannot help me but others might find it usefull.

  2. rustyallen

    My understanding is that is based on a statical engine model for translation and U.N. documents were used to develope the model. It might be able to handle legal language better than most.

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