Gemplus Kit

I had a few more PKI cards turn up today, so far no luck with those either, even though they have been pre-loaded with a GemSAFE image. I plan to contact the local distribtor in the morning to see if we can nut something out. I did take a stanley knife to the GemSAFE card I have to fit it in the GemPC Key reader, and it works quite nicely.

Below are some photos I took earlier on tonight.

GemSAFE PKI CardGemXpresso 32k proSm@rt Cafe Expert - Java PKI CardGemplus MPCOS PKI CardGemsafe Xpresso 32K cardGemsafe Xpresso 32K card - CutoutGemSAFE PKI Card - CutoutGemPC Key 1GemPC Key + LidGemPC Key - SideGemPC Key - TopGemPC Key + Lid + GemSAFE tokenGemPC Key - Loaded

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