Up coming trip…

For anyone in the San Francisco area I’ll be stuck at the San Francisco airport from when I clear customs on the 8th of July (some time about 8pm or 9 depending on how late/early the flight is), until I need to board/clear security for the connecting flight at about 11:30pm (flight isn’t till 12:30am), so if anyone wants to be assured/have coffee/whatever I’m guessing I’ll be pretty bored by that point and welcome anyone wanting a chat, as I’ll have been on planes/in airports for about 24 hours prior… Feel free to Contact Me

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  1. rustyallen


    If you have not traveled to the USA in the past few years here are some suggestions.

    Remove as much metal from your body as possible. Remove any hip replacements. Use a rope for a belt.

    Do not pack a bag with a peice of metal cut out like a shadow of a handgun.

    Do not cary a high-voltage/High-AMP power connector or any thing that looks like a large pipe with wire coming out of it.

    Be aware that you will be held in a locked down prison yard. Oh, they call it the airport secured area. The people with sidearms have them only so that they can get a discount at the lunch counter.

    Any bag that you wish to never see again, you only have to leave it unattended for only a few minutes. They will put on a show with a realy cool robot to take it away.

  2. Duane Post author

    You forgot to mention that one should be making lots of jokes about security and bombs, they all have a great sense of humour and they haven’t heard them all yet.

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