Conference Report – Linuxtag 2005

Ralf sent in this report about his recent results from LinuxTag 2005…

LinuxTag 2005 was again a great success for CAcert. We, Philipp ‘Sourcerer’ and I, supported by Eric ‘Nox’, Michael ‘MiGri’ and some others assured approx. 700 people. First time, we wore (self-made V0.1) T-shirts to represent the CI of CAcert.

As a direct result of LT assurance the 3000 assurer barrier has been broken!

As super-assurers, Phillipp and I ‘only’ usually issued 120 points and encouraged the applicants to get to the full points by doing cross-assurances near by our booth so we could answer upcoming questions.

For applicants in ‘underdeveloped areas’ ­čśë we issued full 150 and aske to bring some friends around to be assured so they can spin the web of trust in their region.

Usually the identity was pre-checked and the form was marked by an assurer’s aid (Eric, Migri, Steffen, …) and the assured by one of the super assurers.

Now and then, Philipp vanished for hours to the other (.com-)conference hall and built contacts to ‘Them’.

To applicant’s with an existing account the points were issued right at the booth (I had an OpenVPN tunnel to my home based network, of course secured by CAcert certificates) and all the others were asked to create their account as soon as possible.

By today, the pile of unprocessed forms is reduced to approx. 40, all of these got more than 3 reminder emails. Maybe thos mails get lost as false positives in a spam filter or thos applicants changed their mind.

So this is the end of my first entry to the blog. Please excuse typos or strange phrases. This is NOT my native language and school was ages ago ­čśë



P.S. Good news! For Europe, I mangaged to persuade Petra from to offer high-quality CAcert T-shirts at a good price ( evend reduced if you order by CAcert-cert signed mail ­čśë plus shipping. See details at

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