Is the UK now unsafe for encryption?

In the wake of the recent bombings in the UK, police in the UK have asked for additional powers to hold terror suspects for up to 3 months without charge if they refuse to hand over encryption keys. While on the surface this sounds like a good way to fight recent happenings it’s no doubt going to be abused like all other knee jerk power grab actions of its kind.

If you are falsely accused and have encrypted files or software to enable you to encrypt things and are in no way, shape or form involved or responsible with the recent state of affairs all I can say is be afraid, be very afraid…,16132,1533917,00.html

One thought on “Is the UK now unsafe for encryption?

  1. nigelm

    I believe that the way this entry was written conflates two separate issues.

    Yes the UK Police are asking for the right to hold terror suspects for 3 months without charge. I do not think they will get this power, or at least it would be so wrapped round with safeguards that it would not be greatly useful to them – as it is to hold someone in custody requires going to a court and arguing your case several times for a maximum 7 day detention without charge. This request is the start of a negotiation.

    There is already a separate legal act requiring the handing over of encryption keys under some circumstances. There is no hint in the original article that these are being modified – it seems odd that it was mentioned.

    It tends to become a little irrelevant if there is a policy allowing shooting of suspects.

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