UKUUG/CAcert wrap up

During the UKKUG 2005 Linux Developers Conference we held a CAcert Assurance event. Over the weekend of the conference the three of us organising the assurance assured 35 people nearly all of whom were being assured for the first time at the event.

We suspect also that, once the ball was rolling, a number of people were assured without involving us ­čÖé

A number of people were interested in the CAcert assurance, but did not have appropriate identity documents with them – which goes to show that despite 2 different mailed out notifications before the event, people just don’t read bumpf.

Many thanks to Werner and Andrew (our Super-Assurers) for giving up a substantial piece of their time for this, and for the many people who helped out.

We aim to do another event like this at the UKUUG Winter Conference.

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