Apachecon US 2005

I will be manning the booth for CAcert at the ApacheCon 2005 US meeting in San Diego. I plan to be at the booth from at least 09:00 in the morning through 16:00 in the afternoon. I will stay later if there are still people coming by. Please bring as many people as you can to have assurance added to their accounts. It will help to have CAP forms pre-printed with the applicant’s information, but I will have blanks with me as well. Remember, 2 forms of official ID will be needed, at least one being photo.

I will most likely not have a computer available for people to sign up on the spot, but I can always check ID and complete paperwork, then enter in assurance points after they sign up later.

I will be happy to cross-sign GPG/PGP keys as well, so be sure to bring key fingerprints along if you want to add to your keyring signatures. On the same note, please let me know if a key signing party is being planned.

If there is anybody that can not attend the conference itself, but would like to be assured, please let me know and we can meet in the hotel lobby outside of the regular conference hours.

Feel free to contact me CAcert at mail4geeks dot com if you have any questions or would like to arrange a meet up while I am in town.

2 thoughts on “Apachecon US 2005

  1. shane_curcuru

    Please see the ApacheCon wiki at http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/ for details on the conference – we will have at least one other CACert assurer (albeit a new one: me) at the con, as well as a PGPKeySigning on Monday afternoon (details on the wiki; feel free to update).

    jjhall – what *day* are you planning to be there?

  2. jjhall Post author

    My wife and I will be staffing the booth Monday and Tuesday during the times stated above, then Wed from 09:00 until about 12:00 when Greg plans to take over.

    FYI, I responded to your e-mail asking this question as well, did it not go through?

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