Eye spy with my little eye…

Every where I look lately I see a post about the EV (extended verification) certificates, the articles against are more or less pointing out what others and myself have posted in the past, or a watered down version.

All the articles for EV certificates keep pushing the same line how it will prevent phishing, but this will only be prevented for the top 1 or 2 sites at most, I guess these are the easiest for Verisign to exploit for cash, the company “thinks” they’re getting a good deal, and Verisign gets a fat bank account, win win right?

Wrong, the end user will still be paying the piper because this isn’t a real solution for all the sites everyone is likely to visit, everyone visits a multitude of sites for pleasure and business, and the latter is the important bit here, if we are going to a variety of sites and most smaller businesses still don’t sign up to the emperors clothes argument, either for pragmatic reasons or due to their ideological views on the topic, then users will still associate white or yellow = OK, green = OK, so white or yellow must be pretty much the same as green so we’re all back to square one.

In the mean time browsers are wasting the precious seconds some people pay security issues, and instead of guiding people on real solutions that can be applied to all sites, the browsers are selling snake oil to everyone (yet again).

Mozilla and co claim this is for their end users but I seriously must question this motive and must look to past examples of what motivates the Mozilla Foundation. Things seem awfully like every other large entity out there, the almighty buck.

The reason I state this is because of past deals with Google, but more recently when the same metrics Mozilla pushes on other developers wasn’t pushed on Verisign, nor any research conducted or anything remotely like some conclusive statement how this will help anyone beyond Verisign what are we left to conclude?

I guess what others have told me is true in some sense, Mozilla wasn’t really in the browser business because of security, but because they are a browser, and one that seems to be getting steadily worst with each release.

My advice to everyone is to take an ideological stand and unequivocally refuse to buy these certificates, further more people should scream from the roof tops that we want real security solutions, not half baked ideas to lock everyone into certain certificate authorities that are trying to reinvent the locks that held the SSL market for the past 15 years.

Don’t buy into yet another lame duck!

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