How to obtain a CAcert Assurer pin

You can obtain a CAcert Assurer label at the bigger events where CAcert Assurances events are being organized.
With this (informal) CAcert Assurer label (a pin) you can make you known as CAcert Assurer so someone can easily find you on CAcert Assurance events.

The CAcert Assurer pin (size 25X8 mm) looks like this: CAcert Assurer pin

If you organize a CAcert Assurance event please make you known via the support list, so we can contact you and have sent you some CAcert Assurer pins. There is a limited amount (1000) donated to CAcert so this offer is valid for a limited amount of time. We want to avoid too much postage costs so we will not send off pins to individuals nor large volumes (a pin costs around 1.50 Euro each).

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