CAcert Executive Meeting

CAcert have seen enormous changes within the structure of CAcert during the last 3 or 4 month. This changes reflect a new, professional approach of CAcert which will allow us to grow way beyond the level we have been so far. Therefore Advisory proposed to the board to have a multiday meeting to adress all those issues. The new structure of CAcert consisting of Board, Advisory, Officers and Community needs to learn a better communication and a better cross area working. The Board has many issues on its route, like approving the backlog of important suggestions and preparing AGM, just to name a view. Advisory has to drive many issues as well, especially getting audit on track, creating policies, dealing with Super Assurers, Organisational Assurance, etc. The officers need to define their teams, their tasks, communication lines, reporting, etc.

So this meeting will be in Pirmasens, Southwest Germany in a nice meeting location in the week of 17th to 21th September 2007. More on this as soon as we know.

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