Audit Report 20080111

One of the things that happened last year was to negotiate an audit funding deal with NLnet. (This has now agreed and first tranche of funds has been delivered to CAcert.) One of the requirements imposed on CAcert was to deliver reports to the Community and to NLnet at each event like milestones, and at approximately 2 month intervals.

With that in mind, I wrote a 2008 New Year’s report as a sort of checkpoint. For some reason it wasn’t published then, but is now on the wiki. Highlights are these:

  1. Many policies are now in POLICY or DRAFT. Some important work-in-progress projects are started, especially the Assurance Policy. This project needs help!
  2. The work on Risks/Liabilities/Obligations finally settled on a CAcert Community Agreement.
  3. NLnet funds CAcert for audit, described here.
  4. Non-critical systems were moved last year to Netherlands BIT center, but critical systems are still in their halfway house. CAcert needs more sysadms.
  5. Audit Criteria are going on-line.
  6. Best is last: CATS went on line: Have you done the Assurer Challenge yet?

The full report is found on the wiki area. Bear in mind that this report is late, and another is already due. I’ll start on that now!

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