CAcert Association membership Annual General Meeting 2008

At next Friday (7th of November) 10 pm UTC irc:// the CAcert Inc. association General Annual Meeting will take place. CAcert is an open organisation.
The CAcert Year 2008 Report gives an excellent overview of the issues for the CAcert community Certificate Authority, the planned audit and why the CA is much different and non competitive with commercial CA’s:

  1. The trust issues, the CAcert trust concept
  2. The facts and figures: assurances, certificates, assurers, covered languages.
  3. CAcert organisation chart (departments, committees, technical setup)
  4. The on going audit project plan
  5. The agreements for CAcert members, non-related parties, software distributors.
  6. The policy issues (Policy on Policy, Assurance policy, organisation assurances in different countries, communication policy,
  7. Privacy issues (European Union DPA) and measurements.
  8. and much more…

The CAcert is happy that 7 members are nominated so a full board (seven seats) will be in charge again of the association.
The wiki page Announcement of AGM 2008 gives an overview of what is expected at the AGM.

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