CAcert Assurance event Fosdem’09, Brussels, Sun 8 Febr 2009

At the upcoming Fosdem’09 Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting, 7-8 Febr 2009 in Brussels, Belgium there will be at Sunday 8th of Febr 2009 12-14 pm  a CAcert Assurance event as well a PGP signing party will be helt. During the two meeting days there will be enough assurers around to assure you also if you cannot make it on this party time.Be prepared and take the newest 2009 CAcert Assurance Programme form and for PGP your PGP fingerprint with you to the meeting. Make sure you agree to the CAcert Community Agreement and if you have at least 100 Assurance points you have passed the Assurer Challenge. For more details visit the Fosdem web pages and the Assurance Party pages.

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