Special General Meeting 20090725

CAcert Inc, the association within the Community, held an SGM or special general meeting on Saturday 21:00 UTC. Which makes it evening in Europe, afternoon in the Americas, and tomorrow morning in Australia.

Between 38 and 42 members were present. 4 business items were duly filed (21 days in advance) and were dealt with in the meeting.

#1, that pending applications for joining the association be accepted was passed with no vote, because all applications had already been dealt with.

#2 is a comprehensive rule change that (among other things) asked to do this:

  • made the status of Assurer the only requirement for membership of the Association,
  • increased the size of the board to 10,
  • rewrote and fixed up lots of other bugs in the rules.

It was voted and achieved 24 AYES against 14 Nayes. As this is a rule change, it required 75% and therefore failed. But, a good showing.

Item #3 was the controversial one. The first resolution said we association members were “disenheartened at the breakdown of working relationship.” It passed with 35 AYES to 5 Nayes. The second resolution said “the committee no longer enjoys the confidence, of the members, and [they] are removed.” It was duly voted and passed with 20 AYEs to 16 Nayes. With that resolution the board was relieved and opened for the next item.

The final business of the day was to elect a new board of 7 seats for an interim period of 4 months, until the next AGM. This was conducted on a person-by-person basis, and the 7 top-voted candidates were chosen:

Name Position
Nick Bebout President
Mark Lipscombe Vice-President
Ernestine Schwob Secretary
Philipp Dunkel Treasurer
Guillaume Romagny Ordinary Member
Andreas Buerki Ordinary Member
Ian Grigg Ordinary Member

This is the new committee of the association, or board. Please note:

  • the committee will adjust the positions somewhat, and
  • this committee is interim only, in place for 4 months. At the AGM, traditionally in November, they will stand down and face re-election.

Postscript: By means of m20090728.1 the committee agreed that Ernestine Schwob is now Treasurer and that Philipp Dunkel is now Secretary. No other changes are envisaged.

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