Thawte Web of Trust Shutting Down

Thawte’s Web Of Trust is to be Terminated by 16th November

Therefore the board is planning to run the Tverify program until that time, then terminate it completely (as the information will no longer be available).

Then, members who have come in via Tverify will have a year to get assured by other means. This includes members who have obtained points from Tverify in the past.

Tverify is now operating under the authority of board motion m20090928.1 and under the Assurance Policy. This latter means no issues of points over 50, and the earlier includes some restrictions.

However, note that all Tverify points (including ones previously obtained), will be deleted late 2010, so it is best to get assured by CAcert assurers anyway. If you can reach a few of them it may be easier all round if you do that instead of using the Tverify process.

See for more details. (Disclaimer: that wiki page is not an official statement of the committee)

For the committee of management (board) of CAcert Incorporated,

Nicholas E. Bebout
CAcert Incorporated

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