One Milestone in Software-Assessment-Project reached

Within the last week we’ve reached one milestone in our new Software-Assessment-Project.
The team is working since November 2009 on a new Software Repository and a new Testserver.
The Testserver needed a Testserver Mgmt System to set the environment for testing new Software and Patches for the Webdb system.

The long blocking factor was the Testserver Mgmt System. That is now installed and functional with basic functions:
* Increase Assurance Points (to start testing as Assurer)
* Setting special Flags (to start testing as i.e. Support-Engineer for SE patches)
The Testserver Mgmt System is buildt with the Zend Framework and is an addtl. instance on the Testserver.

The next step in deploying the new Software-Assessment Environment is to find the first Testers, who helps deploying the procedure on Documentation of current patches (see Software-Assessment: Current Tests)

The Software-Assessment-Project is an essential brick in the wall for the Audit as this blocks several Audit steps (Audit over Systems, CCA-Rollout, and others). An overview of the steps to an Audit-restart can be found on the Overview Projects Board Wiki page.

For further infos about the Software-Assessment-Project read Software-Assessment-Project Page

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