Call for Vote that the TTP Assisted Assurance Policy be approved to DRAFT

CAcert Vote TTP Assisted Assurance Policy be approved to DRAFTAfter 9 months of develoment, deployment, rewriting, discussions, talks its now time to finalize the hard work with an approval to Draft – the reinstallation of the yet frozen, former TTP program by the new TTP Assisted Assurance Policy

There are several procedural shifts compared to the old TTP program.

  • So former TTP hands out the documents to the Assuree candidate, who sends the TTP forms to CAcert’s PO box. New in this TTP Policy is, that the TTP sends the TTP CAP form to the CAcert PO box.
  • An Assuree candidate can undergo two TTP Assisted Assurances. Each of this TTP-assisted Assurance needs to be handled by another TTP-Admin
  • Each TTP-assisted Assurance can issue 35 points max. (Former TTP program had a max of 150 points)
  • To become an Assurer, the candidate has to start the Topup procedure, by sending an Email to Support requesting for Topup Assurance. With the Topup the Assuree can gain upto 35 more points to reach the pointslevel to start with the “become an Assurer” procedure (=> starting with CATS).

The TTP Assisted Assurance Policy is an essential step to recover one of the special Assurance programs, that are frozen since AP comes to Draft: the TTP program and the Super-Assurance program. These both programs are the base for getting new members all around the world, not only in areas that are seeded, also in the so called CAcert deserts.

The TTP Assisted Assurance Policy is an underlaying Subpolicy to Assurance Policy, so therefor the points that can be issued following the rules given by AP.

As the TTP Assisted Assurance program is is an essential program for further future of CAcert, so the Call 4 Vote should be heard and reviewed by as many as possible members to vote this to Draft, so that CAcert has a future.

Please reply to the Call 4 vote TTP Assisted Assurance Policy be approved to DRAFT (p20100913) with your decision either Aye, Naye or Abstain. All votes counts!

Vote will close Sunday to Monday Night 23:59 Sept 26th 2010

My wish is to reach a huge consensus, so this signals to the Community in the deserts: Yes, we hear your voices

Ulrich Schroeter
Assurance Officer

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