Oofroga, a cuddly free mascot

Oophaga logoAnother project with a successful ending.

Early January I asked Birgit to create a cuddly version of the Oophaga logo. After she (quite rightly so) asked about licenses and/or permissions and some talking with an Oophaga representative Birgit could get to work.
For those who don’t know Birgit, she designs and knits cuddly versions of several free mascots. She offers the designs under a CC license on StrickTux.de.
Oophaga is an organization in the Netherlands that supports CAcert activities.

OofrogaEarly Saturday morning in a cafeteria in Essen (DE) while waiting for the train towards FOSDEM Birgit posted her design for Oofroga. The design can be found & downloaded on http://stricktux.de/index.php?page=oofroga.

Once arrived at FOSDEM Oofroga was promptly promoted to guard-frog and stationed on a prominent location guarding over the merchandise. To our great joy this lead to NONE of the mugs or shirts being stolen. As well as draw a lot of extra attention to CAcert and providing a conversation subject.

After FOSDEM was over, Oofroga travelled with Mendel to the Netherlands for an extended tour on Dutch events & meetings.

One thought on “Oofroga, a cuddly free mascot

  1. guillaume.romagny

    Congratulations !

    btw, the Oophaga is a great guardian : ‘The name Oophaga originates from “Oophaga pumilio” a small poison frog from central America’ from http://www.oophaga.nl/

    Mendel, pay attention, don’t get bitten, please ! we need you.

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