Bugs updated

Within the last days we ran some tests and updated the CAcert Bugtracker https://bugs.caccert.org/ .

It’s now running with the latest version of Mantis, which now has a responsive design. You may now read, add and comment bugreports even from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Two additional changes were done while updating to Mantis 2.4.0:

(1) The certficate chain of https://bugs.cacert.org was updated to the resigned roots.

(2) You may now login using your Mantis username or your email-adress.

This change is needed for the next update, which will be activated in some days:

You may then login to Mantis using a valid CAcert certificate. We’ll give you an update as soon as the tests are finished and the plugin is activated.

Kind regards,

Dirk Astrath (CAcert Software Assessor)

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