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Recent infrastructure updates

In the past few weeks Dirk Astrath and me upgraded some of our infrastructure systems to Debian Buster and implemented some performance improvements.

The blog system you are just visiting is one of these systems. We also upgraded the wiki system and finished the setup of the new community Webmail system.

The old staff list and community email password reset pages have been replaced with a modern system that is now available at

The git code hosting system at has been upgraded to Debian Buster too and has been switched from gitweb to cgit for the git web frontend for much better performance. The old gitweb URLs are automatically redirected to the new cgit URLs. This change has the positive side effect that you can now use git clone directly using the https-URLs of the git repositories.

In the background we added Puppet configuration management for the above mentioned systems and replaced the aged nrpe-based monitoring with Icinga 2 agents.

We setup a new community start page at that leads you to resources that we think is relevant for our community members.

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  1. Etienne Ruedin2

    To work, you need workers. In our community these are a handful of volunteers. And to work you need tools. The “CAcert Community Resources” is a package of freshly revised tools that allow our volunteers to work on what you call “really important things”. Become one of our volunteers: Together we can move forward faster and it is more exciting!

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