CAcert moves to Europe

A kangooroo in the Swiss alps
CAcert’s first steps in the new home

EN CAcert Inc, the association that runs the infrastructure on behalf of the international CAcert community moves from New South Wales to Europe. This was a project and a dream for many years. On the annual general meeting 2020 the members of CAcert Inc vote with a large majority to adapt the statutes.

DE An der Generalversammlung von CAcert Inc, dem Trägerverein, haben die Mitglieder mit grosser Mehrheit der Statutenrevision zugestimmt, mit welcher der Hauptsitz, wie seit langem geplant, nach Europa verlegt wird.

FR Depuis que la grande majorité des membres de la communauté CAcert habitent en Europe, il a été souhaité de transférer l’association CAcert Inc qui gère l’infrastructure dans ce continent. Lors de l’assemblée générale 2020, les dernières décisions nécessaires ont été prises.

One thought on “CAcert moves to Europe

  1. Bachsau

    Does this mean CAcert is finally going to be revived after being deadlocked by its own policies for so long? Don’t get me wrong, it is still a great idea. I think there would be so many more people willing to contribute and/or donate if there was actual progress. Especialy if you were able to get the new roots out and pass the audit to be included in trust stores.

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