2. Advent: Saint Nicholas and Christmas wish list

En grosse Bänz und en chline Bänz
sind im Lade gstande.
Da seit de grossi Bänz zum chline Bänz:
Du häsch so schöni Chnöpf
und so schön zöpfleti Zöpf.
Nur häd de chlini Bänz leider kei Ohre.
Drum gat das Gflüschter im Lade verlore.

In the Alemanic area, Saint Nicholas brings the children small mens, made of bread, called e.g. Grittibänz in the Zurich area or Elgger Ma in the Winterthur area or Mannle in the Alsace. Furthermore oranges, chocolates and nuts.

What did St. Nicholas bring you? Tangerines? Figs? Dates? Special pastries?
Such little gifts get you in the mood for Christmas: Soon will be the big holiday.

We at CAcert have already started writing our Christmas wish list:

  • a bit of PHP code
  • two more pixies for the software team
  • two software testers
  • an elf to take care of the bugs
  • an accountant

But we are also very busy working, because we want to be able to give presents. What exactly? Well, you can’t ask that before Christmas!

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