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Assuring Party @ DebConf8, Argentina.

A new CAcert Assuring Party will take place at DebConf8 in Mar del Plata,  Argentina, right next to the Keysigning Party[1], during this Thursday.
To obtain assurance at the event:
  1. Login to the CAcert site and click the "CAcert Web of Trust" menu and then click on one of the WoT forms.
  2. Print that form out, verify that it has complete and accurate information
  3. Bring it and 2 forms of government issued photo identification (one will be accepted, but two are preferred in case of document validity doubts).
Please also read over the following pages: and
There are some printers you can use to print forms at DebConf FrontDesk on the ground floor of the "Hotel Dora".

See you in there!