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CAcert root included in Nokia 770

Nokia has included the root certificate of CAcert into the new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. This makes it possible to use secure websites, encrypt and digitally sign emails with free certificates from

Currently Knoppix, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, and other Linux distributions have incorporated CAcert into their products already, Nokia is the first commercial vendor to approve CAcert for it’s products. One of the main goals of CAcert was to be included in major browsers and CAcert continues to actively pursue other vendors such as Opera, Mozilla and Microsoft to be included as part of their browsers.

CAcert is a community certification authority that issues free SSL certificates worldwide for individuals and organisations, and CAcert aims to enable better privacy for the Internet. CAcert is committed to high standards of security and verification, to achieve this goal CAcert operates a worldwide network of Assurers who are verifying the identities according to the 4 eyes principle (or better), to have a high level of verification as it is of little benefit having security if you aren’t sure who you really are communicating with at the other end.

CONISLI 2005, São Paulo, Brazil

Happening in October 3rd to 5th in São Paulo, the third edition of Conisli, one of the biggest Free and Open Source Software events in Brazil, will have several assurers around. No booth was arranged, even though we are trying to organize something. If you want to help assure people, or you are interested in being assured, drop an email to .

FISL 6.0 (Brasil)

In June 1-4, 2005 we had FISL 6.0 happening in Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil, which had more than 5000 participants (the count on the site is not accurate it seems).
We had a stand there, for CAcert and the Brazilian CAcert user group, in which we were doing assurances during the whole event.

CAcert Stand

We had assurance count way below our expectations, a little above 100, but we made very good contacts there, and many people got interested in the project but not confident enough to start using it yet. Many of those asked several times if there was really no cost, because commercial CAs are really unaffordable here, and the government-owned CA (ICP-Brasil) charges a good deal (R$ 400, about US$ 170) for a client certificate.

More pictures of FISL can be found here

6th International Free Software Forum

The 6th International Free Software Forum will happen in June, 1st to 4th, in Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil.
CAcert assurers will be present with a stand, doing mass-assurances, up to 150 points in a row.
If you plan to be assured, please register with before being assured, and bring two original identification documents with photo, recognized by Brailian government as valid (ID cards from Mercosul countries and Passports are also valid)