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CAcert’ing & KSP at french RMLL in Strasbourg

There will be a CAcert booth at the RMLL 2011 in Strasbourg from july 11th until july 14th

More information to be found in the wiki

From saturday to thursday, there will also be keysigning parties each evening.

French :
CAcert aura un stand aux RMLL 2011 à Strasbourg, du lundi 11 au jeudi 14 juillet.

Plus d’informations dans le wiki.

Du samedi au mardi il y aura également des keysigning parties le soir

CAcert assurances at Linux Infotag Augsburg

This year too, there will be enough 35-point assurers at the booth of the LUG Ottobrunn at Linux Infotag in Augsburg (26th march) to get fully assured (100 points). Check for the CAcert badges & logo !

Auch dieses Jahr werden ausreichend 35-Punkte Assurer am Stand der LUG Ottobrunn beim Linux Infotag in Augsburg (26. März) anwesend sein, um voll assured zu werden (100 Punkte). Folgt dem CAcert Logo !