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Community 2010 March Update

  • 2010-03-30 New Roots task force offers SHA2 based roots/end user certificates for testing
  • 2010-03-30 Software-Assessment Project telco 2010-03-30
    • GIT as the future Software Assessment repository passed test successful
    • Testserver needs Testserver Management System, action plans triggered to start a deployment
  • 2010-03-27 Walter Güldenberg appointed as Events Team Leader
  • 2010-03-26 Sysadmin team works out way forward for SNI, client certificate authentication and SSL renegotiation changes in browsers
  • 2010-03-26 Security Policy – Board vetos Security Policy Draft regarding point Coverage – Board sighting conflicts with CAcert incorporated rules
  • 2010-03-25 Ongoing update of CAcert Officers list
  • 2010-03-24 First ATE in 2010 season: ATE-Sydney with 6 co-Audited Assurances and addtl. 14 interested Attendees
    • Discussions through email and irc about how to seed CAcert deserts. Plans for contacting Usergroups (existing IT related social networks)
    • mostly, area has many old SuperAssurers that will have faded away
  • 2010-03-21 Board Meeting 2010-03-21 “Determine Root escrow and recovery mechanism” review ends with no consensus
  • 2010-03-18 Rasika Dayarathna, our Privacy Officer, resigned due to lack of time. Looking forward to rejoining us later.
  • 2010-03-14 Boards Projects Overview Page started deployment
    • with this page, Board and also Community can get a better overview over the running and upcoming projects regarding Audit
    • currently active areas/projects:
  • 2010-03-13 Board Members allowed to serve on arbitration team again
  • 2010-03-06 Daniel Black gets appointed as Infrastructure Team Leader
  • 2010-03-06 Efficiency gain – Policy Officer empowered to perform minor adjustments to policy
  • 2010-03-06 CeBIT 2010 Big Assurance Event successful passed after 5 days with a team of about 8 to 12 and more Assurers. CAcert was one of the 15 projects on the booth at the Open Source Project Lounge sponsored by Linux New Media.
  • 2010-03-03 Co-Audited Assurances Program finalized and starts at CeBIT 2010

Contributions to this Community Update by: Ian, Daniel, Uli

Thawte Points Transfer and Removal of Points at Nov 16th 2010

CAcert 2010The November 2009 blog post Last chance: End of thawte points transfer on 16th november 2009 was the starting point for the moving of Thawte Notarys to CAcert … but this is half of the story. November 16th 2010 ends the verification period of transfered points. So the 150 points transfer will be lost. To prevent the loss of Assurance and Experience Points all members using this program needs to search for assurers to get fully assured and starting also assurances to get the needed experience points. Until now, the addtl. Assurances doesn’t count, but added to the account until the Points Count process will be changed before Nov 16th 2010, so the last assurance points counts.

This will become a big shift in this year until November 2010. Current work is to prepare the building of the Software Assessment Team and the Repository project to make Software updates possible. This project is a not so well noticed project still running in the background. But if someone reads the Software MiniTOP Updates from Dec 2009 and February 2010, those can reads the progress that is made in this area. This is also a requirement for the CCA Rollout plan that needs to be started around mid of this year to succeed before Audit can continue.

If you have further questions regarding the Thawte transfer points removal, please go to the public CAcert Support mailing list.

CeBIT 2010 closed – Co-Audited Assurances Program Launch

CAcert booth at CeBIT 2010This years CeBIT 2010, CAcert got a booth as part of 15 projects within the Open Source Project Lounge sponsored by Linux New Media. CAcert thanks Linux-Magazin and Linux New Media for the sponsoring of the booth presentation at CeBIT 2010.
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Community 2010 February Update

  • 20100221 Markus Warg appointed to Software Assessment.
    * He is now the 2nd team member in a new team that will be formed under the “Repository Project” by Andreas Bäß
    * Also involved in this project is the Critical sysadmins team for building up the Servers and software for becoming testing and staging servers.
    * Also to train the system recovery from scratch
    * Also to prepare a proposed system upgrade
    * These are the first results from the Software MiniTOP Essen Dec 16th 2009
  • 20100221 UlrichSchroeter appointed as Assurance Officer
    * Board accepts Sebastian’s resignation as Assurance team leader, and thank him for steering the ship over the last year. Sebastian remains on the Assurance team! Board appoints Ulrich as team leader, formally Assurance Officer within the meaning of the Assurance Policy.
  • 20100221 Michael Tänzer appointed as Support Officer
    * Board appointed Michael as support team leader and accepts Ian Grigg’s resignation as support team leader.
    * (Formally, as Support Officer within Security Policy.)
  • 20100213 Software MiniTOP Offenbach Feb 13th 2010
    * Current State of ”Repository Project”
  • 20100206 Assurance MiniTOP Brussels Feb 6th 2010 – on the Agenda were several topics
    * Assurance – Tasks for coming weeks.

    • Plan for Events.
    • Submit review to board.
    • new AO and EO to board.
    • prepare CeBIT.
    • finish Co-auditing Programme for 2010, in time for CeBIT.

    * CeBIT
    * Roles
    * Support
    * ABC interviews
    * Recruitment
    * Co-Audit
    * Defining the Co-Auditor
    * co-Audit Team
    * co-Audit preparation

  • 20100201 p20100119 PoJAM to DRAFT resolved.
    * Now the Subpolicy is binding to Assurers for assuring minors and als minors to be Assurers.
    * This is the first policy in a series of subpolicys under AP, that cames back after all special assurance programs becomes frozen.

Further Community Update News you will find in the Wiki Community Update

CAcert zu Gast bei Linux New Media auf der CEBIT 2010, Halle 2, Stand F34

Linux New MediaCAcert ist dieses Jahr Gast auf der Cebit 2010 bei Linux New Media im Rahmen der CeBIT Open Source Project Lounge 2010 in Halle 2, Stand F34.
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CAcert at FOSDEM 2010

Fosdem 2010CAcert will be present at Fosdem 2010, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting, February Sat 6th and Sun 7th 2010

As our CrossCommunity guest on our booth we are welcome A. Stormont with the projects Nexanta and StormOS

CU at Fosdem ….

PoJAM – PolicyOnJuniorAssurersMembers moves to DRAFT

PoJAM moves to DRAFT
After a recent policy group decision p20100119 Iang updated all the working wiki pages to show our new Policy on Junior Assurers / Members (or PoJAM for short) going to DRAFT.
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CAcert at OpenSourceDays-2010 Copenhagen, DK – March 5th + 6th

CAcert will be present at OpenSourceDays-2010 Copenhagen, DK, March 5th and 6th with a booth and a Keysigningparty.
DIKU Copenhagen, DK
Open Source Days is the largest open source conference in the Nordic area. It’s your opportunity to meet, share, and learn from professional open source experts.
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December 2009 Community Update

  • 20091221 Nick Bebout: Resignation as Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO)
  • [Poll for AGM day] (Fr,Sa,Su?) Inc Members, please vote! (finished)
  • 20091220 Board Meeting
    • “process of software review” ends with the motion: m20091220.2, propose 4 people, and to request ABCs
    • Support is proceeding to bring in Triage people. 3 ABCs have been completed. Michael Taenzer, Martin Schultze, Wolfgang Kasulke are now complete, so t/l-support will probably propose them for Support Engineer.
    • Arbitration: “That, given m20090811.1, and today’s informal information that some arbitrators are non-working, board requests an immediate update of the state and health of the Arbitration system from DRO, with a view to changing the roles and re-invigorating the process.”. Motion m20091220.3 carried
    • Update on Finance: No Annual General Meeting schedule yet (Update: Boardmeeting Jan 3th: AGM is at Jan 30th)
    • Minutes 20091216 Essen Software MiniTOP
      • Software, repository: Repository is up and going. Haven’t got the test system, just the developer system. We expect to have everything together by end of January.
      • Birdshack doco
      • Root ceremony: In order to re-do this process, we have to do: planning, collection of the people, budget, hardware, and also to come up with a new concept for protection of the root. This latter is important, and the whole thing will need to be serious and documented for presentation to a new auditor.
    • Hamburg Assurance mini-TOP 20091215 results with three new Special Assurance programs proposals
  • 20091215 Confirmation received for a booth at the CEBIT 2010. CAcert get this sponsored booth from the Linux New Media (Cebit Open Source) (CEBIT Event Organisation)
  • 20091211 Support Team declares reaching a milestone in clearing out the support Inbox. All that’s left is the future!
  • 20091205 Confirmation received for a booth at the FOSDEM 2010 6-7 Feb 2010, Brussels Belgium. (FOSDEM Event Organisation)

Original Wiki Post 2009 December Update

CAcert at FOSDEM and CEBIT 2010 – Booths confirmed

At Saturday Dec 5th 2009 we received the confirmation for a booth at the FOSDEM 2010 6-7 Feb 2010, Brussels Belgium. (FOSDEM Event Organisation)

and at Tuesday 15th, 2009 we also received the confirmation for a booth at the CEBIT 2010. CAcert get this sponsored booth from the Linux New Media (Cebit Open Source) (CEBIT Event Organisation)
Linux New Media
CEBIT 2010