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Prepare the reconstruction of Ukraine now!

DEUTSCH Jetzt den Wiederaufbau der Ukraine vorbereiten! In der Ukraine hatte CAcert vor Kriegsausbruch Assurer in Lemberg und Kiew. Befinnden sich zur Zeit in Ihrer Umgebung ukrainische Flüchtlinge? Dann helfen Sie diesen, Assurer zu werden.

Zum Beispiel indem Sie beim CATS übersetzen. Indem Sie ihnen bei den Assurance beistehen und andere Assurer beiziehen, sich selber assuren lassen.

ENGLISCH Prepare the reconstruction of Ukraine now! In Ukraine, CAcert had assurers in Lviv and Kiev before the outbreak of war. Are there Ukrainian refugees in your area at the moment? Then help them to become assurers. For example, by translating at CATS. By assisting them with the assurances and involving other assurers, or by becoming an assurer yourself.

POLSKI Przygotuj si? do odbudowy Ukrainy ju? teraz! Na Ukrainie CAcert mia? przed wybuchem wojny asesorów we Lwowie i Kijowie. Czy w Twojej okolicy mieszkaj? obecnie uchod?cy z Ukrainy? Nast?pnie pomó? im sta? si? asesorami. Na przyk?ad t?umacz?c w CATS. Pomagaj?c im w uzyskaniu zapewnienia i anga?uj?c innych asekuruj?cych lub samemu staj?c si? asekuratorem.

What will the Post look like in ten years?

Roberto Cirillo has been CEO of Swiss Post for just under two years. Before that, he was a McKinsey consultant, CEO of the British hospital group Optegra and head of the activities of the service company Sodexo in France. Cirillo took up his post with the aim of stopping the downward trend. In the past five years, the Post’s turnover has fallen by around CHF 1 milliard. The volume of letters is decreasing rapidly, the post offices are less and less frequented.

In an interview with the NZZ, he said: “Today, we make more than 90% of our turnover in the logistics sector with business customers. Especially in e-commerce and goods logistics. Of the CHF 3 milliard we plan to invest in the next four years, the majority will go into logistics and communication services. The reason why the Post was created over 170 years ago was not to transport letters. It was the secrecy of letters. It was about transmitting information securely, reliably and trustworthily. That’s what we want to do more of in the digital world as well.” (22.02.2021)

Merry CAcertmas!

Dear friends and members of the CAcert community. Are you curious and want to know what is wrapped in the package under the tree? This year, Father Christmas has packed something really nice.

As always with CAcert, you can unwrap it faster and enjoy it more quickly if you help out a little. Translate a little. Or do a little programming. Or test a few new functions. Or like this. To do so, you find further information on the web or write to our secretary.

Unspectacular General Assembly 2021

The General Assembly of 2021 will go down as the shortest meeting in the history of CAcert. After only one and a half hours, President Brian McCullough was able to close the last agenda item. Kim N from Sweden is a new member of the committee.

Furthermore, the integration of CAcert in OpenIDConnect could be announced, thanks to a cooperation with RIPE NCC for this project.

When Captain CAcert rescues the Notaries of the Round Table

Today we are going on a little journey through time for a current occasion. Are you ready? Then jump into the fountain together with Frog King!

Many, many years ago, when grandmother was still a little girl, it may have been in 1995, a hardworking man named Mark Shuttleworth started a certificate issuing service in his poor parents’ garage, just like CAcert is one.

The name of this service was Thawte. Thawte was a great and important service. It is said that it covered half of the empire at that time. And because he was so old and so wise, he enjoyed some privileges. When Uncle Netscape, the browser, introduced new rules for certificates, Aunt Thawte, considering her age, only had to comply if she wanted to.

Now it was the case in those days that some people would have liked to send letters in an envelope. Good Aunt Thawte said: I have so many envelopes, I will give you some! And everyone who booked a free e-mail address with her got the certificate to wrap the messages as a gift. The Web of Trust was created to ensure that everything was above board and that the big bad wolf didn’t pretend to be one of the seven little goats. There, the letter writers met with the most trustworthy men and women of the entire empire for the knighting.

After the wizard Verisign took over Aunt Thawte’s service in 1999, the Web of Trust’s noble round table was abolished a few years later. Its members were very surprised to be thrown out of the castle just like that, since they had selflessly served the cause as noble knights and notaries.

However, it was a stormy time. And the storm wind blew a big sailing ship with full rigging from New South Wales, a spot of earth on a big island in the middle of the big, wide sea in the New World, across the ocean. Its name was emblazoned in gold letters on the stern: CAcert.

The captain held the wheel with both hands until the ship docked in a safe harbour. Immediately the crew rushed ashore to the desperate notaries and knights of the Thawte Round Table and offered to take them in their ship.

Numerous were those who gratefully accepted this offer, even more so when the captain said that he trusted Aunt Thawte. So it happened that large parts of Thawt’s Web of Trust were integrated into CAcert’s Web of Trust and the Thawte notaries became CAcert assurers. In a special program named Tverfiy, they could have their trust points transferred in 2009. Today, more than a decade later, CAcert is discontinuing the corresponding web site, after a long time since scattered notaries have joined CAcert’s community.

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Expanded support

Heat, floods, hurricanes and other unplannable events quickly lead to delays. We are proud that, despite everything, the handover of the keys to support went smoothly yesterday and the new volunteers now have access to the relevant systems to assist the existing team.

On the allegorical picture you can see Joost handing over the access rights to Aleš, Matthias and David. Also present: Critical Admin, President and Secretary.

Deutsch: Support verstärkt

Hitze, Hochwasser, Hurrikane und andere unplanbare Ereignisse führen schnell zu Verzögerungen. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass trotz allem die Schlüsselübergabe beim Support gestern geklappt hat und die neuen freiwilligen Mitarbeiter ab sofort Zugang zu den relevanten Systemen haben, um das bestehende Team zu unterstützen.

Auf dem allegorischen Bild seht ihr Joost, der Aleš, Matthias und David die Zugriffsrechte überreicht. Mit von der Partie: Critical Admin, Präsident und Sekretär.

CAcert Inc with new treasurer

Committee of CAcert Inc association is complete again. Picture shows the good old time in New South Wales.

English | Deutsch | Français | Español

There are some good news: The committee of CAcert Inc, the association behind our community, is again complete (picture: before the relocation to Europe). We welcome Michael R from Canada as the new treasurer. He takes over from Frédéric G from France who ran the treasury during a difficult period when Paypal cut us off from our money for months. We thank Frédéric G for his work in the past and look forward to working with Michael.

Newly, several people are taking care of the finances with the finance team. Besides the treasurer, the finance team includes Waclaw from Poland and Frédéric D. On the one hand, the finance team will replace our outdated accounting software. It also wants to unify the structures that have grown over the years. Thirdly, it will support the Board with subsidy applications.

Deutsch Der Trägerverein CAcert Inc hat einen neuen Kassier. Dieser wird in seinen Aufgaben durch das Finanzteam unterstützt. Erste Aufgaben werden sein, unsere veraltete Buchhaltungssoftware zu ersetzen. Ausserdem sollen die über die Jahren gewachsenen Strukturen verschlankt und der Vorstand bei Subventionsgesuchen unterstützt werden.

Français L’association CAcert Inc a un nouveau trésorier. Il sera soutenu dans ses tâches par l’équipe des finances. Les premières tâches consisteront à remplacer notre logiciel de comptabilité obsolète. En outre, les structures qui se sont développées au fil des ans seront rationalisées et le comité sera soutenu dans ses demandes de subventions.

Español La asociación patrocinadora CAcert Inc. tiene un nuevo tesorero. Estará apoyado en sus tareas por el equipo de finanzas. La primera tarea será sustituir nuestro anticuado programa de contabilidad. Además, se racionalizarán las estructuras que han crecido a lo largo de los años y se apoyará al consejo en las solicitudes de subvención.

CAcert begrüsst John Biden und Vladimir Putin in Genf

Genève Eaux Vives

Deutsch / English

Natürlich ist CAcert in erster Linie eine virtuelle Organisation. Aber der Trägerverein hat seinen Sitz an einer reellen Adresse.

Attention: Le Gouvernement de la République et Canton de Genève vous recommande vivement un confinement volontaire le mercredi 16 juin 2021 (et par conséquent de visiter CAcert virtuellement uniquement). Please note: The Government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva strongly recommend a voluntary quarantine (and consequently visit CAcert virtually only) on Wednesday 16 June 2021.

Bekanntlich ist CAcert als internationale Organisation für Sicherheit im Internet Ende letzten Jahres aus Neusüdwales nach Genf in der Schweiz umgezogen. Genf ist die internationale Stadt mit Sitz von Dutzenden internationaler Organisationen. Wenn wir am Sitz von CAcert Inc in Genf auf das Dach steigen, zeigen sich großartige Bilder: moderne Trams halten direkt vor dem neuen, von Jean Nouvel erbauten Bahnhof Genf Eaux-Vives an der internationalen Linie des Léman-Express von Savoyen in die Schweiz. Drehen wir den Kopf etwas mehr gegen Norden , liegt zwischen dem weltbekannten Springbrunnen im Genfersee und dem Betrachter der Park La Grange mit der Villa, in welcher sich in den kommenden Tagen die Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten und der Russischen Föderation treffen, zwar nicht um über Internetsicherheit zu debattieren, aber um die Sicherheit in der Welt. Nein, da wir uns für den Schutz der Privatsphäre einsetzen, hat es keine Web-Kamera auf dem Dach, um diese Herren zu beobachten.

CAcert welcomes John Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva

Of course, CAcert is first and foremost a virtual organisation. But the supporting association has its headquarters at a real address. As is well known, CAcert as an international organisation for security on the internet moved from New South Wales to Geneva in Switzerland at the end of last year. Geneva is the international city with the headquarters of dozens of international organisations. When we climb onto the roof at the headquarters of CAcert Inc in Geneva, great images appear: modern trams stop right in front of the new Geneva Eaux-Vives station built by Jean Nouvel on the international line of the Léman Express from Savoie to Switzerland. If we turn our head a little more towards the east, between the world-famous fountain in Lake Geneva and the viewer lies the park with the Villa La Grange, where the presidents of the United States and the Russian Federation will meet in the coming days, not to debate cyber security, but security in the world. No, because we are committed to privacy, it does not have a web camera on the roof to watch these gentlemen.

CAcert accoglie John Biden e Vladimir Putin a Ginevra

Genève Eaux Vives

Italiano / español

Naturalmente, CAcert è prima di tutto un’organizzazione virtuale. Ma l’associazione di sostegno ha la sua sede in un indirizzo reale.

Attention: Le Gouvernement de la République et Canton de Genève vous recommande vivement un confinement volontaire le mercredi 16 juin 2021 (et par conséquent de visiter CAcert virtuellement uniquement). Please note: The Government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva strongly recommend a voluntary quarantine (and consequently visit CAcert virtually only) on Wednesday 16 June 2021.

Come è noto, CAcert, come organizzazione internazionale per la sicurezza su Internet, si è trasferita dal Nuovo Galles del Sud a Ginevra, Svizzera, alla fine dello scorso anno. Ginevra è la città internazionale con sede di decine di organizzazioni internazionali. Quando saliamo sul tetto della sede di CAcert Inc a Ginevra, appaiono grandi immagini: moderni tram si fermano proprio davanti alla nuova stazione di Ginevra Eaux-Vives, costruita da Jean Nouvel, sulla linea internazionale del Léman Express dalla Savoia alla Svizzera. Se giriamo la testa un po’ più al nord, tra la fontana di fama mondiale del lago di Ginevra e lo spettatore si trova il parco con la Villa La Grange, dove i presidenti degli Stati Uniti e della Federazione Russa si incontreranno nei prossimi giorni, non per discutere della sicurezza di Internet, ma della sicurezza nel mondo. No, poiché siamo impegnati nella privacy, non ha una web camera sul tetto per guardare questi signori.

CAcert recibe a John Biden y Vladimir Putin en Ginebra

Por supuesto, CAcert es ante todo una organización virtual. Pero la asociación de apoyo tiene su sede en una dirección real. Como es sabido, CAcert, como organización internacional para la seguridad en Internet, se trasladó de Nueva Gales del Sur a Ginebra (Suiza) a finales del año pasado. Ginebra es una ciudad internacional con sedes de decenas de organizaciones internacionales. Cuando subimos al tejado de la sede de CAcert Inc en Ginebra, aparecen grandes imágenes: los modernos tranvías se detienen justo delante de la nueva estación de Ginebra Eaux-Vives, construida por Jean Nouvel, en la línea internacional del Léman Express de Saboya a Suiza. Si giramos la cabeza un poco más hacia el norte, entre la mundialmente famosa fuente del lago de Ginebra y el espectador se encuentra el parque con la Villa La Grange, donde los presidentes de Estados Unidos y la Federación Rusa se reunirán en los próximos días, no para debatir sobre la seguridad en Internet, sino sobre la seguridad en el mundo. No, como estamos comprometidos con la privacidad, no tiene una cámara web en el techo para vigilar a estos señores.

CAcert salut le passage de Vladimir Poutine et John Biden à Genève

Genève Eaux Vives

Français / portoguês

Bien sûr, CAcert est en premier lieu un large groupe d’utilisateurs opérants en ligne et donc à distance. Mais l’association CAcert Inc. dispose aussi d’une adresse bien réelle pour son siège international.

Remarque: le gouvernement de la République et Canton de Genève vous recommande actuellement de respecter un confinement volontaire; par conséquent, nous vous encourageons à ne rentrer en contact avec CAcert que par les moyens de communication à distance. Please note: the government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva currently recommends that you respect voluntary self-isolation; therefore, we encourage you to contact CAcert only by remote means of communication.

À la fin de l’année 2020, on se souvient que CAcert déménageait son siège de la Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, en Australie, vers Genève, en Suisse. Genève est une ville à vocation internationale, où se retrouvent des dizaines d’organisations à dimension mondiale, comme se doit de l’être CAcert dans sa mission en faveur de la sécurité sur l’Internet. Lorsqu’on accède au toit du siège de CAcert Inc. à Genève, un vaste panorama urbain se découvre: des tramways flambants neuf s’arrêtent devant la nouvelle gare de Genève Eaux-Vives, qui fut construite par Jean Nouvel; cette gare accueille la ligne ferroviaire internationale du Léman Express, celui qui rattache la Savoie à la Suisse. En tournant le regard vers le nord, entre le jet d’eau mondialement célèbre du lac Léman et l’observateur, se dessine le parc de La Grange, avec la villa du même nom, où les présidents de la Fédération de Russie et des États-Unis se rencontreront ces jours-ci; ils n’y débattront probablement pas de la sécurité sur l’Internet, mais s’occuperont nous l’espérons de garantir celle du monde. Comme nous sommes attachés au respect de la vie privée, aucune caméra web sur notre toit ne donnera à observer ces Messieurs !

CAcert dá as boas-vindas a Vladimir Putin e John Biden em Genebra

Naturalmente, a CAcert é principalmente uma organização virtual. Mas a associação de apoio tem sua sede em um endereço real.

Como é bem conhecido, a CAcert, como uma organização internacional de segurança na Internet, mudou-se de Nova Gales do Sul para Genebra, Suíça, no final do ano passado. Genebra é a cidade internacional onde estão sediadas dezenas de organizações internacionais. Quando você sobe ao telhado da sede da CAcert Inc em Genebra, grandes quadros aparecem: bondes modernos param bem em frente à nova estação Eaux-Vives de Genebra, construída por Jean Nouvel, na linha internacional Leman Express, da Savoy à Suíça. Se virarmos nossas cabeças um pouco mais para o norte, entre a mundialmente famosa fonte do Lago Genebra e o espectador está o parque La Grange com la Villa, onde os presidentes da Federação Russa e dos Estados Unidos se encontrarão nos próximos dias, não para discutir a segurança na Internet, mas a segurança no mundo. Não, como estamos comprometidos com a privacidade, não há câmeras web no telhado para monitorar estes senhores.