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New TTP-Assisted-Assurance to Draft – one more milestone in Policy!

TTP-Assisted-Assurance to DRAFTThis weekend, the Security Policy goes into DRAFT. Consensus has erupted in policy group once again.

The practicle work now can start, to write down all the documentation for the practice documents. Clean out the wiki with all the informations of the old TTP program and start spreading the new TTP-Assisted-Assurance to the CAcert deserts after the old program was frozen.

Who volunteers now to becoming the first TTP-admins ? As policy defines
Senior-Assurers to be the TTP-admins and the first new TTP requests will come soon probably
we have to deploy the policy now into practice. Thats again a Community Task. We need at least 3 TTP-Admins as following graphic displays:

             TTP ----:--> TTP-Admin (1) --> 35 points max
                 /       :         \
   Assuree =  -  -  :-  >      =----> TTP-Admin (3)  --> 35 points max (Topup)
                 \       :         /
             TTP ----:--> TTP-Admin (2) --> 35 points max
                         :........ CAcert internal ................................................

TTP-Admins should become familiar with the TTP’s available in a country of the TTP requestor so the program gets a strong path of reliance. One idea is to work close together with Organisation Assuers, who are familiar with the regulations in a country but its not limited to. These are only thoughts.