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Merry CAcertmas!

Dear friends and members of the CAcert community. Are you curious and want to know what is wrapped in the package under the tree? This year, Father Christmas has packed something really nice.

As always with CAcert, you can unwrap it faster and enjoy it more quickly if you help out a little. Translate a little. Or do a little programming. Or test a few new functions. Or like this. To do so, you find further information on the web or write to our secretary.

CAcert wishes everybody a Happy and Secure Year 2015!!!

Happy New Year (sparkler)

We are happy to share with you some statistics for the year 2014.

In 2014 we received more than 34000 new registrations which is over 2500 more than the previous record year 2006 (31542)

Shown in the image are the numbers of new CAcert members (newly verified accounts) per year.

It looks like there remains a need for certificates from an open, free and independent CA.

We thus would like to thank our community and all active members, contributors, assurers and supporters, who make this possible. Please keep up this great work!