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CAcert signing server service restored

[29.08.2013 – 18:30] The operation of the CAcert signing server has been restored. It has been down from 28.08.2013 13:30 CEST until 29.08.2013 18:30 CEST.
By replacing a repeatedly failing primary disk drive, we expect that no more service outages will occur soon. All pending signing and revocation requests have been picked up and processed automatically after the restoration of the service this evening,

CAcert signing server temporarily out of service

[29.08.2013 – 09:00] The CAcert signing server is temporarily out of service. As far as we can tell, the problem started on 28.08.2013 around 13:30 CEST, and is likely to be similar to the problem we saw earlier this week.
Two CAcert critical system administrators will visit the hosting centre this afternoon in order to fix the problem if possible. We hope that the signing service will be back online around 17:30 CEST.
Currently pending signing and revocation requests will automatically be processed after the service is resumed.