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The policy group has started a new vote on “CCA – Update” (CAcert Community Agreement)

CAcert-vote p20140709After a long period of inactivity on the policy side, we are back in
in business again.

In February board nominated a Policy Officer (Eva Stöwe) and this was later
confirmed by a Policy Group vote.

At about the same time an intensive discussion regarding changes to the CCA

There are a lot of changes, some of them being just cleanups or
rephrasing, but there are also some bigger changes.

The central changes are:
– The CCA can be accepted by more ways than currently allowed.
– How CCA may be terminated was greatly rephrased, it now also covers
death of members.
– A clear obligation to answer truthfully before and to help arbitration
was added.

If you want to follow the discussion visit the archive on

The actual version of the proposal is located here:

Every community member is also invited to participate by joining the
policy group. Just subscribe the mailing list cacert-policy@lists.cacert.org

The state of the voting can be found at https://wiki.cacert.org/PolicyDecisions#p20140709

The voting stays open until Sunday 27th of July 2014.