CAcert, Inc. Annual General Meeting: November 17th 2007 22:00UTC

Dear CAcert, Inc. Association members,

This is an announcement for the CAcert, Incorporated Annual General Meeting to be held on November 17th 2007 22:00 UTC, on our IRC server located at irc:// or ircs:// (secure), channel #CAcert.

Proposed agenda for the meeting can be found at Please submit any topics not covered there to, my CAcert Secretary email address, so that we can make any needed arrangements.

It is now time to nominate your fellow members for Committee (“Board”) elections, as the Committee is completely replaced on each Annual General Meeting. Please send your signed nomination and seconding emails to Candidates should send me a short paragraph about themselves for inclusion on the wiki page for the elections.

The intering Committee members that are now empowered signalled that they are available for reelection, and that they are seeking a new Committee to be formed with 5 members.


Evaldo Gardenali
CAcert Incorporated

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