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Planned maintenance works in Ede

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An on-site intervention in our datacentre will take place not later than Friday, June 18. The purpose of this intervention is to correct a defect on one of our network equipment, which lowers the redundancy of our infrastructure.

At the same time, it should allow us to diagnose and hopefully resolve without delay a transmission problem between our signing server and the rest of the infrastructure. By June 18, our members will no longer be able to renew their certificates, nor will they be able to make public the revocation of their certificates if necessary.

As always, keep in mind that CAcert is a community of volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helps us! We encourage anyone who would like to do so, or who has done so in the past and not received a response, to offer (or re-offer) their services by contacting our committee members: secretary (at-sign) cacert.org

Travaux planifiés à Ede.
Une intervention sur site dans notre datacenter aura lieu le plustard le vendredi 18 juin. Elle a pour but de corriger un défaut sur un de nos équipements réseau, qui abaisse la redondance de notre infrastructure. Simultanément, elle devrait permettre de diagnostiquer et nous l’espérons résoudre sans délai, un problème de transmission entre notre signer et le reste de l’infrastructure. D’ici le 18 juin, nos membres ne seront plus capables de renouveler leurs certificats, ni de rendre publique la révocation de leurs certificats si nécessaire.

Comme toujours, gardons à l’esprit que CAcert est une communauté de bénévoles. Merci à tout ceux qui nous apportent leur aide ! Nous encourageons tous ceux qui voudraient le faire, ou qui l’ont fait par le passé et n’ont pas reçu de réponse, à proposer (ou reproposer) leurs services en contactant les membres de notre comité: secretary Arobase cacert.org

Dringende Unterhaltsarbeiten
Ein Vor-Ort-Einsatz in unserem Rechenzentrum findet spätestens am Freitag, 18. Juni, statt. Der Zweck dieses Eingriffs ist die Behebung eines Defekts an einem unserer Netzwerkgeräte, der die Redundanz unserer Infrastruktur herabsetzt. Gleichzeitig sollte es uns ermöglichen, ein Übertragungsproblem zwischen unserer Signer und dem Rest der Infrastruktur zu diagnostizieren und hoffentlich ohne Verzögerung zu beheben. Bis voraussichtlich am 18. Juni können unsere Mitglieder ihre Zertifikate nicht mehr erneuern und ggf. die Sperrung ihrer Zertifikate öffentlich machen.

Wie immer sollten wir uns vor Augen halten, dass CAcert eine Gemeinschaft von Freiwilligen ist. Vielen Dank an alle, die uns helfen! Wir ermutigen alle, die dies gerne tun möchten oder dies in der Vergangenheit getan haben und keine Antwort erhalten haben, ihre Dienste anzubieten (oder erneut anzubieten), indem sie sich an unsere Vorstandsmitglieder wenden: secretary Affenschwanz cacert.org

OCSP is working well with Mozilla Firefox again


There was a issue with ocsp.cacert.org on Mozilla Firefox browsers. We published a work around last year. In between a volunteer detected, that a script on ocsp.cacert.org was not running as expected. Therefore the CRL expired for OCSP-Daemon, hence giving the OLD_RESPONSE-error. We restarted the script allready in 2020 and changed our internal monitoring.

The OCSP responder has been restored to a proper working state and is monitored properly now. As it worked now for more than 3 months properly, the work around is no more needed.

Workaround for Russian Translation of the CAcert Website (bug #900)

Russia Translation of CAcert.org WebsiteWe had received a couple of reports by either irc, emails to support or on mailing lists, that the Russian Translation of our CAcert.org Website has garbled Russian translations. This has been reported as Bug #900.

After several analyzes, tests, discussions, we came to the conclusion, that we need an overall UTF-8 upgrade of the critical system. This has to be started as an individual project. As this project doesn’t effects our great efforts on Audit, the priority is lowered against several other Audit essential projects. So currently, there is no easy and no quick fix possible. So we, or better to say Michael V. A. (one of the bug reporters) worked out an workaround:

the exact steps to reproduce both the problem and the workaround:

1. The Bug
http://CAcert.org [^] / Translations / ???????
( http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=0&lang=ru_RU )

Now the text is garbled (“Western ISO-8859-1” autodetected).

2. The Workaround
Switching to ISO-8859-5.

In my browser (Firefox 3.6.13) it’s exactly the following:

View / Character Encoding / More Encodings
/ East European / Cyrillic (ISO-8859-5)

Now all Russian text is okay.
The workaround works for me.
Yes, I think this should work for other users, as well.