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CAcert at Fosdem 2019

On February, 2nd and 3rd, Fosdem in Brussels (Belgium) will open its doors. It is an ideal platform to get informed about free software – and of course CAcert will attend. The fair takes place in the ULB Campus.

But: This time CAcert and secure-u will NOT have stand there due to limited space in the builings. On Saturday noon and Sunday morning I’ll be at Infodesk in K-Building, where wearing my white CAcert Jacket to answer questions about the current status of CAcert and secure-u.

Feel free to contact me there for a short talk … or to agree to a later schedule after my shift there for a longer discussion about CAcert support, software …

Oofroga, a cuddly free mascot

Oophaga logoAnother project with a successful ending.

Early January I asked Birgit to create a cuddly version of the Oophaga logo. After she (quite rightly so) asked about licenses and/or permissions and some talking with an Oophaga representative Birgit could get to work.
For those who don’t know Birgit, she designs and knits cuddly versions of several free mascots. She offers the designs under a CC license on StrickTux.de.
Oophaga is an organization in the Netherlands that supports CAcert activities.

OofrogaEarly Saturday morning in a cafeteria in Essen (DE) while waiting for the train towards FOSDEM Birgit posted her design for Oofroga. The design can be found & downloaded on http://stricktux.de/index.php?page=oofroga.

Once arrived at FOSDEM Oofroga was promptly promoted to guard-frog and stationed on a prominent location guarding over the merchandise. To our great joy this lead to NONE of the mugs or shirts being stolen. As well as draw a lot of extra attention to CAcert and providing a conversation subject.

After FOSDEM was over, Oofroga travelled with Mendel to the Netherlands for an extended tour on Dutch events & meetings.

CAcert at FOSDEM in Brussels, BE

CAcert joins the open source event FOSDEM at ULB Brussels, Belgium on weekend February 4th/5th. Our stand is located in the K building on the ground floor. Our staff will happily answer your questions regarding CAcert and its certificates and perform assurances with you. Also for the CAcert fans of you we will bring our polo shirts for purchase.

If you come to the FOSDEM there are two important meetings you shouldn’t miss:

Saturday 16:00 room H.2214 talk “Trust – the root of evil?!”
One of our active members Benedikt Heintel is going to have a talk about trust: In a highly connected world like ours is trust one of the most important assets. But what if the root to trust is not trustworthy? This talk enlightens why most commercial CAs are not trustworthy by default, what we can learn from 2011’s cases like dutch DigiNotar and Malaysian DigiCert, what makes CAcert different, why CAcert is not in the browsers by default and what we do to make it happen.

Sunday 12:00 noon room Ferrer assurance party
Like previous years, participants can get assurances for their CAcert account to issue certificates valid for two years. For the assurance you will need at least one piece of official government-issued photo identification. Please register beforehand on the CAcert website and download the CAcert Certificate Assurance Programme (CAP) form. It is recommended to bring at least ten printed forms with you.

CAcert at Fosdem 11th, Feb 5th – 6th 2011

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

CAcert and sidux e.V. will be present at Fosdem 2011, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting, February Sat 5th and Sun 6th 2011

If you want to help on our booth, register yourself on our events wiki page Fosdem 2011 planning

CU at Fosdem ….

CAcert at FOSDEM 2010

Fosdem 2010CAcert will be present at Fosdem 2010, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting, February Sat 6th and Sun 7th 2010

As our CrossCommunity guest on our booth we are welcome A. Stormont with the projects Nexanta and StormOS

CU at Fosdem ….

December 2009 Community Update

  • 20091221 Nick Bebout: Resignation as Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO)
  • [Poll for AGM day] (Fr,Sa,Su?) Inc Members, please vote! (finished)
  • 20091220 Board Meeting
    • “process of software review” ends with the motion: m20091220.2, propose 4 people, and to request ABCs
    • Support is proceeding to bring in Triage people. 3 ABCs have been completed. Michael Taenzer, Martin Schultze, Wolfgang Kasulke are now complete, so t/l-support will probably propose them for Support Engineer.
    • Arbitration: “That, given m20090811.1, and today’s informal information that some arbitrators are non-working, board requests an immediate update of the state and health of the Arbitration system from DRO, with a view to changing the roles and re-invigorating the process.”. Motion m20091220.3 carried
    • Update on Finance: No Annual General Meeting schedule yet (Update: Boardmeeting Jan 3th: AGM is at Jan 30th)
    • Minutes 20091216 Essen Software MiniTOP
      • Software, repository: Repository is up and going. Haven’t got the test system, just the developer system. We expect to have everything together by end of January.
      • Birdshack doco
      • Root ceremony: In order to re-do this process, we have to do: planning, collection of the people, budget, hardware, and also to come up with a new concept for protection of the root. This latter is important, and the whole thing will need to be serious and documented for presentation to a new auditor.
    • Hamburg Assurance mini-TOP 20091215 results with three new Special Assurance programs proposals
  • 20091215 Confirmation received for a booth at the CEBIT 2010. CAcert get this sponsored booth from the Linux New Media (Cebit Open Source) (CEBIT Event Organisation)
  • 20091211 Support Team declares reaching a milestone in clearing out the support Inbox. All that’s left is the future!
  • 20091205 Confirmation received for a booth at the FOSDEM 2010 6-7 Feb 2010, Brussels Belgium. (FOSDEM Event Organisation)

Original Wiki Post 2009 December Update

CAcert at FOSDEM and CEBIT 2010 – Booths confirmed

At Saturday Dec 5th 2009 we received the confirmation for a booth at the FOSDEM 2010 6-7 Feb 2010, Brussels Belgium. (FOSDEM Event Organisation)

and at Tuesday 15th, 2009 we also received the confirmation for a booth at the CEBIT 2010. CAcert get this sponsored booth from the Linux New Media (Cebit Open Source) (CEBIT Event Organisation)
Linux New Media
CEBIT 2010