PoJAM – PolicyOnJuniorAssurersMembers moves to DRAFT

PoJAM moves to DRAFT
After a recent policy group decision p20100119 Iang updated all the working wiki pages to show our new Policy on Junior Assurers / Members (or PoJAM for short) going to DRAFT.

CCA and AP came into effect during 2008, and we moved it out to the Assurers with our special assurance programmes (ATEs). Once that was rolling, the issue of exceptions came to the top of the pile. Junior members was a big concern, so we started writing the PoJAM at Munich-MiniTOP May 15th 2009. After half a year of discussions, not enough happened and we got hit by the board motions:

We planned and executed an Assurance MiniTOP in December 2009 to get rid of all the special assurance programs that had been frozen by Assurance Policy and then by the board motions. At the Hamburg Assurance mini-TOP 20091215 we wrote a new PoJAM2 WIP, a new TTP-assisted Assurance Policy (WIP) and also a replacement for the SuperAssurers program, new project name: Policy For Nucleus (WIP).

As the first of three Assurance subpolicies, we took Policy on Junior Assurers / Members to the Policy Group. During the Policy Group discussion process, we used an ad hoc query requested through arbitration case a20091221.1 to confirm that more Junior Members had entered the community, and many more Junior Assurers were active than we had expected.

The voting for PoJAM to DRAFT started on January 19th and closed just before AGM starting time ­čśë The decision was carried with 14 Ayes, 2 Nayes. PoJAM moves to DRAFT.

This is also a clear signal to the Community: We will bring back all the special assurance programs, Step-by-Step. But we need also your assistance. Without the Community’s help, none of the policies in progress will made it to DRAFT

ask not when ... ask how can I ...

ÔÇťask not when your policy is written and ready for you,
ask when you are ready to write your policyÔÇŁ

Thanks to all who helped to take the PoJAM to DRAFT: Ted, Sebastian, Dirk, Iang, Uli for their 1st version; Ian, Walter, Martin & Martin, Mario, Uli for the 2nd version, and all the people in the policy group: Mark, Werner, Gero, Morten, who also helped to take this document through.

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