Need Volunteers for the SoCal Linux Expo

I’ve been asked for volunteers to attend the SoCal Linux Expo which is on between the 11th and 12th of Feburary 2006. We’ve been offered a booth and so we are looking for a couple of people to sit on it. We (CAcert Inc) can put funding toward this to cover flights, transfers to and from the airport and hotel accomodation during the Expo.

The conditions for funding is you must currently have 100 assurance points (ie be an assurer), you must be willing to sit on the booth for the majority of the time (10am till 4pm minimum), and preference will be given to those that already have assurances under their belts and/or manned a CAcert booth at other conferences even if it costs a little more for their flights.

Any questions or for further information please email me directly, but there needs to be a decision made on this as soon as possible to ensure people that fly in will have a place to stay etc close to the conference.

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