CAcert Community Agreement is defined now!

As you may know, CAcert started a big effort in 2007 to address who we are as members of a CA service provision, the Community and the increase of the recognition of CAcert as a professional CA.
CAcert belongs now to the top ten CA’s in the world! This all was inspired and demanded by the need to have CAcert Root Key included in the browsers. For this CAcert started the Audit process, which focused on the questions of Risks, Liabilities, and Obligations amongst us all.

CAcert has now conquered that monumental task. Core of that task was defining who we are as a community, and writing a CAcert Community Agreement that we can all agree to, which brings us together as that community, and which protects you, using the CAcert issued certificates, legally, financially and freely.

Here you can read the details of the CAcert Community Agreement .

Introductory notes on the agreement are on the wiki. This introduction attempts to explain some of the parts, which need maybe some more explanation, eg on free certificates, privacy concernings, certificate care and usage risks, and the CAcert Community.

The Agreement is now approved: by the Board, by the Policy Group, and by the Association, and it is now ready for you!

CAcert software developers will modify the website and the Assurance team will modify the Assurance processes to ask people to agree to it.This will take some time.
In the end we will need agreement from everyone inside the CAcert Community, because it protects each and every one of you, and all of us together, as a community.

CAcert Management Sub-Committee

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