Greg Rose resigns from CAcert Inc. board for job related reasons.

CAcert announces the resignation of Greg Rose from the Board of CAcert Inc., as of 1st March 2008.

On resigning for job-related reasons, Greg said “It’s been interesting to say the least, and I feel happy to have made new friends and renewed old ones. Thanks for the opportunity and the honor to have worked with you all.“.

When the existing board resigned in March 2007, Greg stepped in to help, having been a long serving Assurer.
Greg Rose served as President during the critical period of 2007 and helped to build a new board, management team, steered the new board through this difficult phase to recover control of assets, and chairing a week-long meeting in Germany with our key people present.

This crucial period saw the approval of the new CAcert Community Agreement for all members of the Community and many other innovations thanks to an excellent cooperation from within the CAcert Community and Association Members:
the Assurer Challenge, in-house dispute resolution, Organisation Assurance, the re-invigoration of the business side of the CAcert, initiation of a funded audit project and formal procedures for creating and approving policies (eg.  Assurance policy and reformed point system, code signing, open sourcing of software, openness of the organisation, etc.).

Teus Hagen takes up the position of President, assisted by Evaldo Gardenali, Robert Cruikshank and Guillaume Romagny.

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