Archived copies of Identity Documents should be destroyed within CAcert.

CAcert will destroy archived copies of ID’s and asks their Assurers to do so as well.

When CAcert started in 2002 it was required that copies of ID’s were archived for 7-10 years in the archives of CAcert or archives of CAcert Assurers. In a later instance CAcert required to take note of ID numbers and/or social security numbers of the individual instead of the copy of the ID.  In 2006 for privacy reasons this data (copy of ID, personal numbers) was dropped. The CAcert Assurance Programme (CAP) form states however that the information should be kept 7-10 years.

As CAcert Inc. dropped the requirements for copies of ID and personal numbers the CAcert Inc. association by order of the Committee (Board) decided to remove this information from the CAcert archives and require that the CAcert Assurers who are in possession of that information to do the same: destroy archived copies of ID’s and delete social security numbers from the CAP forms. The information should be deleted with care as stated in the CAP agreement.

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