day 1

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On 9:06h CET on wednesday, the team arrived at BIT, the Dutch ISP. They started with Opening the sealed disks under the watchful eye of the auditor and one person from the Dutch ISP. Around 12:00h The servers were booted and the data integrety was checked. At 13:32h The servers were running.
The Team is now smoothing out the last glitches, doing extensive tests and are monitoring the servers closely. It's still possible to have some outages in the coming days.

We got some questions by mail regarding the SSL keys and the (possible) debian vulnerability.
There are blacklists of sites who may have this issue. Unfortunately, the off-line page was also on this list.
After investigation, it turned out the off-line page was running on a computer which was booted with an older live-cd containing the bug.
Since it was a single static page, no harm is done. Our on-line site has different keys and it's verified that these ssl keys are ok.
CAcert apologises for this inconvenience.

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