CAcert 2008 Annual General Meeting

To all Association Members and interested Community Members.

The CAcert Annual General Meeting will be held on the 7th of November 2008 at 23:00 UTC via IRC CAcert channel.

Any persons believing that they are an Association Member but have not paid membership fees please contact the CAcert Treasurer. Any persons wishing to become an Association Member please get your applications in now. Voting rights will only be given to fully paid up Association Members.

Any Association Members that have not paid their membership fees for three years will automatically be removed from the Association Membership Register.
Draft Agenda:

  • Opening
  • Minutes from 2007 AGM
  • Minutes from SGM in spring
  • New Association Member nominations
  • Financial report
  • Report on re-hosting CAcert services in Nld
  • Report on the Audit Project
  • Election of new board for next year.
  • Public Officer appointment
  • Close of meeting.

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