Servers Moved (comments from audit)

The CAcert critical services are now running on machines in the Netherlands.  This involved shutting down the machines in Vienna, transporting the data to Netherlands, handing over to a new team, and bringing the data up in the new location.

Names and places of the running systems will be mentioned elsewhere no doubt, but our thanks go to two groups in Vienna:  Funkfeuer and Sonance.  These two community groups provided the help when it was needed, and now they stand down from operational support to CAcert, retaining only a mention in the history (and, of course, many future Assurances).

BIT colo cam 4 ... not sure this is the right oneTo look at the audit context:  Although I was there, this move was not an audited, officially monitored operation;  this is because (a) the audit was frozen back in December of 2006, partly because of the difficult systems issues, (b) we still lack the full documentation set against which to audit, (c) the new team are focussed on getting basic control, and are not ready for dual control.  Also, always remember to view the auditor presence under the Heisenbergian lens of skepticism! It is your job to check the move and make it safe.  The auditor makes sure you are doing the job, so that we can all rely on the job being done each and every time.

Once we get a declaration that things are under control, the team expands its vision from the brutal short-term needs, and starts on its impressive task list, we will look at getting the audit formally restarted.

Still, that all said, the big job has been done, and done well.  The systems are now in place in the BIT high security ISP, and the new team is doing the work-through.  That will take place over the next few weeks.  At some stage, the new team will then be looking to carve up the work and bring in new people.  This latter expansion will be handled carefully, but it is necessary.  Think about that…

You can help in two ways.  One, take load of the systems people by helping in support, software and a myriad of other tasks.  Two, getting the CPS into DRAFT by answering the two blocking challenges.  Over to you!

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