Easier assurance form preparation: use the wiki CAP and COAP html form

For an easier on-line html CAP (for individuals) or COAP (for organisations) assurance form use the html CAP form or html COAP form respectively. While one can complete the form on-line now with one’s browser, the browser is now able to make a request the completed pdf form via the CAcert site. In this easy way one will make sure that an URL is used is generating the correct URL to generate a completed assurance pdf form file.

These both HTML forms are made available from the (moinmoin) wiki. They will differ slightly from the html form, which will become available soon from the CAcert main web page as well. Note that browsers differ when complicated tables and styles are used.

The HTML forms are made available to facilitate one’s preparations at the office when one plans to attend an assurance event at exhibitions and conferences.

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