One more milestone reached within Software-Assessment Project

Within the last 2 days, the testserver got the running signer integration into the testserver environment. This was one of the milestones in getting a testing environment as identical as possible to the production system.

Thanks to Markus, Andreas and Michael, who had this project on their agend since about 1 year.
Now they’ve succeeded in getting the signer connection up and running, and thereofor make it possible, that also certs related patches can be tested.

Problem in Testarea:
We have many contacts to members who wanted to help on software testing, but once introduced with the welcome package, most of the members disappeares …
So we search for more active Software Testers …

Software testing is an essential part on the way to the Audit, to become “Audit Ready”. See also my other blog post from Oct last year The Big Masterplan to become ‘Audit Ready’

One of the next test scenarios are the “Points count order change”, also running under the “Thawte” patch. So this is also a chance for you to get a preview what will happen with these patches.

Interested ?

Please have a look under Software-Testers Welcome Pack

cu in the testteam group

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