Software-Testers Reward Challenge

Dear CAcert Supporters,

To become Audit Ready, CAcert is heavyly depended on a working Software-Assessment team.
The Software-Assessment team is depended on an active Software-Testteam.

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The Software-Testteam is looking for active Software-Testers and CAcert supports this run with a 2 months Software-Testing Rewards Challenge given by the board motion m20110515.4.
The two most active Software-Testers counted by their test reports by end of the month, that reported their tests to the current listed applied patches onto the testserver will gain a reward. The top tester will receive a reward of 30 Euro. The software tester with the 2nd highest scrore will receive a reward of 15 Euro.

Here are the rules:
Create your test account onto the testserver as described under (Software Testers Welcome Pack).
Also create an account under to report your tests.
The Software-Testers portal lists the current activated patches, that needs to undergo a test.

Currently we have 6 listed patches, rated from light to heavy, that needs to be tested and reported. So first you have to read the bug report, to understand what you have to check. Patches should prevent the reported error. So therefor you have to check, that the reported error is fixed by the patch. If you are unsure if the fix has been applied, use the production system for verification of your test result (expected vs. received result).

For heavy rated patches an additional link to infos may be given in the remarks field of the patch listing at the testers portal page.

Add a note under the given bug number if you have tested a patch either way, if successful tested or errors still persists. Add your browser type and revision to your report.
Sometimes testers finds a new bug, that has not reported yet, that doesn’t relate to the patch under testing. So please add this to as a new report.

The reports by each tester will be counted by end of the month by the testteam t/l’s. The winner will be notified. The reward will be paid thru Paypal only.

Detailed Rules you’ll find in the wiki under the Software-Testers Reward Challenge Rules

Happy Testing 🙂

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