Strong Concensus on CPS #7.1.2 “Certificate Extensions” adjustments

Policy group voted within the last 2 weeks for the proposed p20111113 CPS #7.1.2 “Certificate Extensions” adjustments with a strong concensus for the proposal.

The starting issue were reported bugs regarding Adobe document signing problems caused by missing KeyUsage flags in certs that results in the proposal CPS KeyUsage Changes.
Tests with the new flag settings revealed, that the problem is solved, once transfered to production.

In the voting period 2 more topics poped up

  1. ios5 bug reports in support mailing list
    A test with modified test keys following the KeyUsage changes revealed that the problem was solved
  2. Baseline Requirements (BR) compliance

All questions could be answered positive, that the proposed CPS #7.1.2 “Certificate Extensions” adjustments doesn’t conflict with the Baseline Requirements (BR) and solves the reported bugs.

So the next task goes to Software-Assessment team to prepare a patch that needs to be transfered to the critical system. Depending on the decision by the Software-Assessors if these proposed changes needs to be tested first, the production fix will come soon. So please stay tuned and watch further reports or watching the work by the Software-Assessment project team

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