Cloaks on IRC (CAcert IRC network and Freenode IRC network)

I was wanting to see what everyone thought about cloaks on IRC. I am able to set them on the CAcert IRC network to whatever we would like, and as the Freenode CAcert group contact, I can request any cloaks that fit the pattern CAcert/* on Freenode.

Currently we have approximately 5 cloaks on CAcert IRC, and we have 26 CAcert cloaks on Freenode. Most of them are CAcert/Assurer/theirnick, but the problem I’m having is that it’s not really easy to verify if someone is an assurer or not, unless they are listed in the directory and note their IRC nick in there, or unless I can email support and if they would be allowed to tell me if someone is an assurer or not.

Any thoughts on what our policy should be for who can get a cloak, or what format they should be?


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